Event Planning

Classroom Disclaimer: Reservations for events in academic classrooms are subject to change if reserved space is needed for academic scheduling. If your event is displaced for this reason, we will make every effort to find a new space.

Phone: 508-831-5613
Fax: 508-831-6352
How do I submit an event request?

Log into 25Live. If you have all your details already, you can click “Event Form” up at the top right and fill in your details as necessary. If you are looking for an available space, you can click “Go to Search”, select Locations from the left dropdown and search as needed. Please see our training videos (link) for an in depth look at the search functions.

If this is your first time logging into the system, there may be additional steps you need to take in order to have the right access. Please take a look at our training videos, reference materials, or additional answers on this page for more detail.

How long does it take for a request to be processed?

Most requests without additional resource needs (Facilities setup, ATC, Catering, etc.) are processed within two to three business days. Events that have additional coordination needed generally take a little longer.

Please also note that there are significantly more requests coming in at the beginning of each term, especially A- and C-terms. Please try to be patient if processing requests take longer than normal during those times.

Why do I get an error trying to book something for today or tomorrow?

Student requesters need to book at least three (3) days out. 25Live is set not to allow requests sooner than that for students.  Please plan accordingly.

If you are a faculty/staff member and are having this issue, that means you are still in our default security group. Send an email to the Events Office to be moved into the employee requester group.

I’m a faculty/staff member, but all I see for event types are Student options. What do I do?

This means that you are in our default requester group. Send an email to the Events Office to be moved into the employee requester group. This is a quick change but not automatic.

I’m in a student organization and am trying to plan an event – how do I get access to book for my organization?

Access for student organizations is limited. The four core officers – president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer –qualify for access as long as they are correctly updated in TechSync before the beginning of each term. Student Activities supplies an updated report to the Events Office at that time.

In addition to those four officers, the president of each organization also has the opportunity to designate up to seven (7) additional people for each term. That form is emailed to the president listed on TechSync at the beginning of each term.

If you are among these qualified people, instructions will be sent at the beginning of the term for training videos and a quiz. You must correctly answer all questions on the quiz before access will be granted; you can take the quiz as many times as you need to in order to meet that requirement. Please allow up to three (3) business days after passing the quiz for your new access to take effect. There is no email notification that access has been granted – you can check the event form on 25Live; if you see more than two available options, your access has been processed.

If you qualify under more than one organization, you only need to complete this process once. It will be required each academic year if you remain in this position. The quiz and videos are updated each summer.

I would like to capture registration for my event – can that be done in 25Live?

25Live does not have a registration function at this time. The Events Office recommends Microsoft Forms and Google Forms for simple solutions. Please contact events@wpi.edu if you need assistance setting one up.

I’m new to campus or not familiar with many of the locations – how do I know what to request?

Locations in 25Live are tagged with helpful categories such as conference room, classroom, and event space. Looking at the details of each location provides further details such as capacity, features (e.g. projector, lecture capture, moveable seating), and a Google map to the building. You can check out the training videos on our resources page for instructions on how to find that information.

I need to make a change to my event – what do I do?

Requesters do not have the ability to edit reservations once the request has been submitted. If you have already received an email confirming your event, please respond to that email with any desired changes. If you have not received a confirmation email yet, please send an email to events@wpi.edu with the event reference number or as much relevant information as possible (i.e. the event name, the original date, time, and location requested) along with any desired changes.

Why do I need to provide Workday account information?

Providing Workday accounting information (generally a cost center or any applicable activity codes) acts as an implicit agreement that any unexpected costs that occur as a direct result of your event (e.g. broken furniture/equipment, additional custodial cleaning) will be charged to that account. For many larger events that include custodial details or furniture rentals, getting the account information ahead of time saves time once invoices are received and need to be processed.

Please note – this is not your student/employee ID number. If you don’t have the financial account information, you can instead provide contact information for someone in your student org/department who would.

How do I cancel an event?

If you have already received an email confirming your event, please respond to that email to alert your Event Coordinator of the cancellation. If you have not received the confirmation email yet, please send an email to events@wpi.edu with the event name, the original date, time, and location requested with a note that it should be cancelled. If you happen to have the event reference number (found on the event details page after you submit your request), that is the easiest way for us to process the change.

I never received an email confirmation – how do I make sure my request is in the queue?

We have rolled out an automatic email for successful request submissions. If you don’t receive an email following your submission, that means your request was not successful. Please resubmit or contact events@wpi.edu.

I want to have an event on campus, but I’m not a WPI student, staff, or faculty member. How can I do that?

Certain locations on campus can be rented out for weddings, showers, and photoshoots. We do also have capacity for conferences depending on the time of year and size. Please email events@wpi.edu with as many details as possible – including desired date/time, location, expected attendance, etc – and our team will respond with availability and any additional questions we would need in order to make an official reservation.

The date that I want is blacked out. Can I still have my meeting/event?

The Events Office uses blackouts for days when resources and support are limited or unavailable – i.e. holidays when the school is closed or days of major university events where additional resource/labor requests cannot be accommodated. We understand that many times there is still a need to hold meetings, so we have created a new process within the existing 25Live event form to make these requests. Please be aware that these requests are still subject to the approval of the Events Office, and no additional resources would be available. If approved, it would be for the space only.

If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page, please email events@wpi.edu.