WPI has a tradition of philanthropy, from the gift that helped create Boynton Hall to reunion and class giving, scholarships, and more. The purpose of student philanthropy at Senior Class Gift WPI is to build awareness among students about the importance and impact of private support in enhancing their educational experience and to actively engage current WPI students in all aspects of philanthropy. 

Through educational philanthropy initiatives, students are encouraged to become givers while they are on campus. One of the longest student philanthropic traditions at WPI Senior Class Gift Giving Levelsis the senior class gift, which dates back to 1910 with the sundial in front of Boynton Hall. This tradition brings the senior class together to leave their legacy on campus.  

Through the generosity of students, alumni, parents, and friends, WPI has met the challenges of each new era and made a brighter future possible.

Senior Class Gift 2019

Our senior class gift will support the new Global Lab within the Foisie Innovation Studio and the launch of a new IQP team out of that space next academic year. We will enable the establishment of a project center within the on-campus Global Lab for future IQP project work.

For over 15 years, a Trustee has challenged the senior class, which will allow us to further our impact. Every contribution to the 2019 Senior Class Gift matters.

50% participation + $10,000 = $15,000


Meet the Committee

The Senior Class Gift committee is comprised of representatives of the class of 2019 who want to give back and leave their mark on WPI. Led by Lucas Mancinelli and Rosie McCarthy, the students will organize fundraising efforts throughout the year.

"I’m thrilled to be a member of this year’s senior class gift committee to help launch the Global Media Impact Lab to help future student’s leave their mark on campus!”

– Lucas Mancinelli ’19, Senior Class Gift Co-Chair

“I'm excited to be a member of this year's senior class gift committee and ready to leave our class's legacy at WPI.”

– Rosie McCarthy ’19, Senior Class Gift Co-Chair

“I’m honored to be a member of this year’s senior class gift committee, and to have the opportunity to help empower our community through this year’s class gift!”

- Michael Brooks ’19, Senior Class Gift Committee Member

The amount of the gift that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of the gift amount over the fair market value of token benefits ($1.65 for a drawstring bag; $3.20 for a pint glass) provided in exchange for the gift.