Year End Giving

Another year comes to a close and we at WPI are so thankful for the people who support our community. Our faculty and staff keep us on the forefront of STEM education, our students excel on campus and around the globe and you, our valued alumni and friends, support our faculty and students in so many ways.

Please follow the deadlines and instructions below to make your year-end gift to WPI. If you have any questions, contact us at 508-831-6052 or

Gifts Sent by Federal Express

The WPI campus is closed 12/23/23 – 1/2/23, and minimally staffed for accepting packages. Gifts sent via courier must be delivered and signed for (if applicable) on or before 12 p.m. on Friday, December 29, 2023.



Gifts via Mail

Gifts can be made by check and mailed to WPI.

Please mail gifts to:
Gift Recording
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
100 Institute Road 
Worcester, MA 01609-2280

Mailed envelopes must be postmarked on or before December 31, 2023.


Credit Card Gifts

Online: The easiest way to make a credit card gift is online through our secure gift form. Online gifts must be completed by 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, December 31, 2023.

By Phone: Credit card gifts may be called in to the Annual Giving office at (508) 831-6052 by 11am on 
Friday, December 29, 2023. 

For your security, please do not leave credit card information on WPI voicemail, and do not transmit
credit card numbers via email.

Gifts of Stocks and Securities


DTC stock transfers must be completed on or before 12:00 p.m. on Friday, December 29, 2023. Please see the section below titled Gifts of Securities for instructions on transferring stock shares.  For information on deadlines for mailing stock certificates, contact Jodi Richards, or Kaitlin Badjo,

See below for information on how to transfer stock shares.


For calendar year-end gifts, hand delivered stock certificates must be received by 12:00 p.m. on December 29, 2023.
Mailed stock certificates must be postmarked on or before December 31,2023.

If securities are held in a brokerage or trust account, the donor must instruct the broker or trust officer to contact Jodi Richards at, 508-831-6760; or Kaitlin Badjo at, 508-831-4679 for instructions on transferring the securities to WPI. 

It is helpful if the donor advises WPI that a gift of securities is forthcoming. Instructions should be provided in writing with a copy to WPI – a sample letter of instruction to a broker is available. Do not instruct your broker or trust officer to sell the stock and forward the proceeds to WPI. In order to avoid the capital gains tax, the stock must be transferred to WPI. The market value of the security is determined by the average of the high and low value of the shares on the date the securities are received.


If you hold a stock certificate or bond, you may hand-deliver it to WPI or send it via USPS.

All securities in certificate form must be accompanied by a stock power bearing a medallion signature guarantee from a bank that participates in the medallion program. Securities and stock powers sent by mail should be sent under separate cover. Donors should not sign the back of the certificate.  The stock power form should be signed and medallioned only; WPI will fill out the remainder of the form. A sample stock power document is available for download.(.pdf)

The value of your stock gift will be determined using an average of the high and low prices based on the date received.  Certificates and stock powers sent by USPS should be sent separately, and the gift date will be based on the later of the two postmarks. Hand-delivered securities will have a gift date of the date received by WPI.