Rare Books

Dombey and Son installment with illustrations

Rare Book collection consists of approximately 4,000 early and unique bound volumes ranging in topics from science and technology to American and British literature to the histories of Worcester and New England.

  • Robert D. Fellman Collection on Charles Dickens
  • Isaac Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 1726; third edition
  • De Re Metallica, by Georg Agricola, 1561
  • Pope Gregory I’s Dialogi, 1476. 

The collection also includes publications related to the history of the Institute and Worcester County, the history of science and engineering, and works published by WPI faculty and staff. Books are listed in the library's catalog and do not circulate. They must be consulted in the Fellman Dickens Reading Room.



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Project Boz began as an initiative by Gordon Library of WPI to digitize all of Charles Dickens's novels in their original serial form.