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Great Problems Seminar (GPS) Poster Presentation Winners

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Great Problems Seminar (GPS) poster presentation winners are selected during events held each year at the ends of B- and D-Terms, following the conclusion of each first-year, two-term GPS course. First-year student teams showcase, and are judged, on a wide range of innovative solutions they present to some of the world’s most critical challenges. 

Browse Great Problems Seminar (GPS) Poster Presentation Winners Awardees

Year Recipient Award level Type Details
2017 Alisha Anderson, Sophie Antoniou, Abigail O'Sullivan, Hannah Schulz Winner Undergraduate

Angolan Housing Design for Congolese Refugees

2017 Camryn Berry, Shanna Bonanno, Michelle Fleming, Deborah Fontanez, Talia Vaughn Winner Undergraduate

Are You the One? Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Worcester, MA

2017 Emily Baker, Matthew Bisson, Scott Rementer Winner Undergraduate

Speaking to Success

2017 Guy Katz, Ethan Merrill, Eric Solorzano, Ilana Zeldin Winner Undergraduate

Microgrids: Electrical Independence for WPI

2017 Kathleen Donovan, Samantha Grillo, Cameron LeBlanc, Elijah Levi Winner Undergraduate

Bringing Back Bats: Management Systems for White Nose Syndrome

2017 Kyle Coleman, Aidan Mayer, Kelley Townley, Kristophe Zephyrin Winner Undergraduate

Pedestrian and Environmentally Focused Infrastructure

2017 Lokesh Gangaramaney, Manon Miller, Despina Tomboulides Winner Undergraduate

Fighting Ignorance: Freshmen Malnutrition

2017 Rishi Gupta, Amelia Papi, Derek Byrne, Nicky Kring Winner Undergraduate

Improved Irrigation for Jordan's Farms

2017 Avery Ingegneri, Hannah Mikkila, Stephanie Salerno, Markus Zimmerman People’s Choice Award Undergraduate

Screw Fossil Fuels

2017 Maeghan Desmarais, Kayla Krom, Patrick Macaulay, Lara Padir, Charlotte White People’s Choice Award Undergraduate

The Protection Page Plan

2016 Adam Collins, Zach Huaman, MaryLouise Ross, Branden St.Jacques Winner Undergraduate

River of Mercury: Solutions for Tomorrow

2016 Alexa Itsines, Katie Long, Trinity Tedsten, Carly Whittle, Kristen Southan Winner Undergraduate

Increasing Accessible HIV Screening in Zimbabwe

2016 Andrea Claudio, Alexander Johnson, Sofia Reyes Castillo, Sean Tidd Winner Undergraduate From "citizenshit" to "citizenship" in Northern India
2016 Austin Hartshorn, Nicoli Liedtke, Joseph Petitti, Julian Pinzer Winner Undergraduate

Group Effort: Study Group Matching Service

2016 Jessica D'Agostino, Eve George, Toni Joy, Jessica Locke Winner Undergraduate

Fuel Poverty in Lawrence, MA

2016 Julien Ataya, Gregory Kashmanian, Jeremy Koen, Gavin Sabol, Joseph Yuen Winner Undergraduate Providing Potable Water to Peruvian Informal Settlements
2016 Kristen Chan, Jessica Hatt, Maricella Ramirez Winner Undergraduate Too Much Brown in the Puget Sound
2016 Michael DeFrancesco, Sinead Flanagan, Olivia Gibbs, Emily Schneider Winner Undergraduate

Perish to Profit: Processing Ripe Tomatoes to Generate an Income Stream for the Paraguayan Food Bank

2016 Nicolas Riart, Veronica Soto-Belloso, Valentina Zapata Winner Undergraduate Innovative Sanitation Solution for Informal Settlements In Quibdo, Colombia
2016 Amanda Boehm, Aleye Momodu, Huyen Nguyen, Rosa Reynoso People’s Choice Award Undergraduate

Educating Youth About Sexual Health

2015 Arial Goldner, Travis Roth, Gunnar Tornberg, Alexandra Wheeler, Jackson Whitehouse Winner Undergraduate A Renewable Energy Program for Bishop Kodji, Nigeria
2015 Cole Godzinski, Liana Nguyen, Alana Sher, Tyler Wilson Winner Undergraduate Bean Town to Green Town
2015 Eva Barinelli, Brian King, Daniel Wivagg Winner Undergraduate Replacing Blackboard: Finding a New Learning Management System for WPI
2015 Ginger Adams, Melissa Galgano, Kylie Juarez, Mercedes McDermott Winner Undergraduate Taking the Higher Ground: Growing Cleaner on Boston's Rooftop Farm
2015 Joseph Berger, Jamie Stephen, Taylor Stephen, Barrett Wolfson Winner Undergraduate Algae Biofuel Enhancement Project
2015 Nolan Bell, Dylan Felty, Chenggu Wang, Katherine Williamson Winner Undergraduate

Rooftop Rainwater Collection System on the Innovation Studio

2015 Patrick Meehan, Ty Moquin, Zachary Weiland, Qindong Zhang Winner Undergraduate Rain Gardens in Worcester
2015 Tess Hudak, Muhammad Hussian, Angela MacLeod, Daniel Ottey, Rasheeda Samih Winner Undergraduate From Trash to Cash: Helping Paraguayan waste pickers turn glass from the streets to money in their pockets
2015 Will Bass, Michelle Kerns, Alex Kim, Aylin Padir Winner Undergraduate Modern Vector Control: Genetically Modifying Anopheles gambiae
2015 James Macfarlane, Nelson Ndahiro, Katie Nugau, Rekik Tafesse People’s Choice Award Undergraduate Implementing Solar Energy in Desalination Plants in Libya