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Kalenian Award

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The Kalenian Award, established in 2006 through the generosity of Alba Kalenian in memory of her late husband Aram (Class of 1933), provides seed funds to support and advance the ideas and inventiveness of WPI students, faculty and alumni(ae). Aram Kalenian was an inventor who had numerous useful ideas and reduced many of them to practice. The purpose of the Kalenian Award is to encourage similar innovation and entrepreneurship at any stage of development from the WPI academic community. This award's focus is to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit through annual funding of a single viable invention.

Aram Kalenian's inventions and hard work have provided the perpetual funds for this award, and in this same spirit we hope that award recipients will succeed so well in life, as to provide WPI with future award funds to encourage invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship in their own names.

Browse Kalenian Award awardees

Year Recipient Type
2019 Ahmet Can Sabuncu Faculty
2019 Alex Teixeira Faculty
2019 Anastasia Karapanagou Alumni
2019 Geoffrey A. Tompsett Faculty
2019 Killian Henson Alumni
2019 Lenore Rasmussen Faculty
2019 Michael Timko Faculty
2019 Nicholas C. Cyganski Alumni
2019 Pamela Weathers Faculty
2017 Cagdas D. Onal Faculty
2017 Daniel Shrives Undergraduate
2017 Dou Dou Graduate
2017 Joe Stabile Faculty
2017 Ming Luo Graduate
2017 Weijia Tao Graduate
2016 Aaron Birt Graduate
2016 Ali Valamanesh Undergraduate
2016 Diran Apelian Faculty
2016 Erik Nadel Undergraduate
2016 Fred Looft Faculty
2016 Mike Ciaraldi Faculty
2016 Nicholas Cyganski Undergraduate
2016 Tyler Nickerson Undergraduate
2016 Xavier Little Undergraduate
2015 Ben Pulver Undergraduate
2015 Elizabeth van Zyl Undergraduate
2015 Fabeinne Miller Faculty
2015 Huong Higgins Faculty
2015 Kevin Sweeney Faculty
2015 Pamela Weathers Faculty
2015 Taylor Flaxington Undergraduate