Gordon Library offers unique digital research collections that showcase WPI’s scholarship and share WPI’s history. The library also partners with Information Technology to support digital collections of WPI student work, including projects, theses, and dissertations.

DigitalCommons @ WPI

DigitalCommons@WPI is our primary digital research platform, providing access to:

  • Scholarship: peer-reviewed faculty publications, student posters and projects, and faculty presentations.
  • WPI history: images, histories, scrapbooks, student publications, and recordings of people, places, and events that represent over 150 years of WPI's history. These resources are currently accessible as part of the historical collections in DigitalCommons @ WPI.
  • Cultural and historical collections: digitized manuscript collections, images, recordings, and exhibits, drawn from the library’s Archives and Special Collections.

Cultural Collections and Online Exhibits

Drawing from the Fellman Charles Dickens Collection, the Brenner Sculpture Collection, and the Woodbury and Company Collection (PDF), Gordon Library has created several other digital collections and cultural heritage collections, including:

  • Project Boz, providing digital editions of Charles Dickens's novels in their original serial form.
  • Theo Brown Diaries, representing approximately 24,000 pages of observations and sketches by a noted John Deere engineer and member of WPI's Class of 1901 about life in the 20th century.
  • Woodbury and Company Digital Collection, an extensive collection of company letterheads from the late 1800s through the late 1900s.

Student Scholarship

In partnership with WPI Information Technology, Gordon Library provides digital access to student project reports, theses, and dissertations since 2004.

WPI Expert Profiles

A digital directory and gallery of WPI faculty expertise offers faculty and staff a WPI-branded space to share scholarly and professional works. Scholarly works published in DigitalCommons @ WPI can be automatically included in expert profiles. WPI community members can create and self-manage their own profile sites.