The Shuster Lab for Digital Scholarship is a space for individual and small group learning, practice, and projects involving digital scholarship. Located next to the Multimedia Lab on the Gordon Library’s first floor, the Shuster Lab is an open, active space that provides every student and scholar with access to a wide range of tools for digital scholarship. The Shuster Lab was made possible through the generosity of Helen Shuster, one of WPI’s most distinguished library directors.


The Shuster Lab provides every student and scholar access to a wide range of tools for digital scholarship, including software for visualizing data, manipulating digital data and images, and analyzing digital geographic data; and specialized hardware, including scanning equipment, and hardware for projecting or digitally displaying digital and analog data.

  • 12 PC workstations in small group configurations
  • Specialized software for mapping, image editing, and more
  • Document camera
  • Large format and high-speed, transparency-capable, sheet-fed scanners
  • Large-screen monitors for wireless screen sharing

Policies and Procedures

  • WPI faculty and staff may reserve the Shuster Lab during the hours of 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Reservations are mediated by library staff. For recurring reservations, please contact
  • The Shuster Lab is open to students for individual or small group work when not reserved.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the Shuster Lab. The lab contains high quality, professional equipment that can easily be damaged by any spills or crumbs. Please be courteous of future users of this space and ensure that the equipment will remain in excellent working condition for them.

For additional information on reserving or using the Shuster Lab, please contact