WPI Students Choose From Host of Global Learning Opportunities

September 08, 2009

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute's (WPI) Interdisciplinary Global Studies Division (IGSD) will host a Global Opportunities Fair to showcase the university's 26 Project Centers located around the world. As part of their undergraduate degree requirements, the Global Projects Program allows WPI students to pursue hands-on, real-world research opportunities in all corners of the world. All of WPI's Project Centers will be represented at the fair, and more than 800 students will attend. The Global Opportunities Fair provides a forum for students to learn about WPI's ongoing global projects, and to speak with the center directors. Students will also be able to gather information on each of the project sites, gain career advice, and learn about the costs involved (and financial aid availability).


For more than three decades, WPI has sent more engineering and science students abroad for academic research than any other university in the United States. Through participation at Project Centers around the world, WPI students address local issues, develop an understanding of other cultures, and see – firsthand – how their lives and work will play out on a global stage. All WPI undergraduates gain project-based experience in tackling problems that lie at the interface of science, technology, social issues, and human needs.  In fact, WPI requires all students to research and address challenges that affect people and communities at home and all over the world. The Global Projects Program combines these unique educational programs with a research emphasis on local and regional sustainable development. WPI's research focuses on the strategies and needs of state and local governmental and non-governmental agencies engaged in the challenge of creating healthy, prosperous, and environmentally responsible localities and regions around the globe.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009, 4-6 p.m.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Campus Center, Odeum (upstairs), Worcester, Mass.