Ama Biney '18 supports WPI softball and basketball during the Goat Nation Giving Challenge, which begins March 21 this year. We caught up with Ama ahead of the challenge. 


What did playing on the basketball and softball teams mean to you?

Playing on both the basketball and softball teams at WPI are two of the things I identify with most in my time at WPI. The teammates that I created bonds with are still friendships that I continue and value today. I was around these people everyday not only for practices, games, wins, losses and championships, but also laughs, trips, memories, learning moments and more. I am glad that today I have photos, items and relationships that remind me of “the good ole days” to reflect on.

How did participating in athletics influence and shape the person you were then and are today? 

Participating in athletics shaped me into the type of person that can handle adversity and has high determination. WPI is a well-respected, rigorous and prestigious school academically. I believe it takes a special person to be able to mix that in with athletics or any other serious extracurricular activities. The tools and skills learned such as time management, conflict management, and more are things I use in my everyday life now.

What are your fondest memories with the teams? 

My fondest memories include winning NEWMAC Conference Championships with both teams in 2016, earning a spot in the respective NCAA tournaments. It also includes the little things such as team dinners or study sessions/hangouts in the CC.

Why do you choose to remain involved with Goat Nation? 

I choose to remain involved in Goat Nation because I remember what support from the community and alumni felt like when I played. It was a great feeling knowing you had a support system cheering you on and to be a part of a program that was way bigger than myself. 

What advice do you hope to pass on to today’s student-athletes? 

The advice I have for today’s athletes is to try and enter each and every day with a positive attitude to learn, get better and spend time with those that share the same goals. Right now you are doing what you love at a high level and some day that will end. When it ends, you want to be able to say you gave your all.