Alumni Profile: Pamela (Giasson) Lynch '05


PreviewPamela (Giasson) Lynch '05

Pamela (Giasson) Lynch '05

This summer, Pamela (Giasson) Lynch '05 takes on the role of Alumni Association President. Below, she shares her WPI experience and her plans for the role.

Q: Who made an impact on your WPI experience? 
A: Professor David Dibiasio and Jim McLaughlin.  I learned just as much about being a leader through student activities as in the classroom.  

Q: Looking back, what was the most valuable experience or lesson learned at WPI that continues to shape your life today?
A: I definitely had many learnings shape my life during my IQP; it was in Thailand on "Balancing Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development." We met the Princess of Thailand, and I gained a deep appreciation about working abroad and bringing together different perspectives for the best results. I am also in the sustainability and renewable energy industry, so I think back about how we worked in Thailand with the local community to bring awareness to the issues in order to create impact. 

Q: What motivates you to stay involved and give back to WPI, both through your philanthropy and volunteer work? Once you assume the role this summer, what are you hoping to achieve as Alumni Association President?
A: We are developing a Strategic Roadmap for the Alumni Association and the key theme is around increasing meaningful connections, between alumni and WPI, and across the alumni network.  For me staying involved is around coming together with other alumni and advancing the mission of WPI. I really enjoy the WPI community and getting to know others in the community.  

Q: What are your favorite times to return to campus? What excites you most about this coming Alumni Weekend?
A: Catching up with old friends and acquaintances that I have not seen in forever. My favorite time of year is the spring – campus is so beautiful with all the flowers blooming and the busy feeling of the campus!