Trae Jennette ’15

Trae Jennette ’15

In the years following graduation, Trae has remained deeply connected to WPI, staying involved through advisory councils and subcommittees and as a mentor for a course. We recently caught up with Trae to learn more about his WPI experience and where it has led him.

Q: What are you proudest of in your life after WPI? What are you doing now?

A: My proudest moment is landing my dream job at Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. That dream started as an 8th grader, when I attended the Rhode Island Airshow for the first time. I fell in love with fighter jets and decided that I would commit my life to making them and protecting our country. I no longer work there but the journey came with so much learning, struggle, and success. I now work at Raytheon Intelligence & Space designing advanced airborne sensors.

Q: Who made an impact on your WPI experience? Is there a particular faculty member, coach, advisor, student group, or someone else who made the difference for you?

A. Prof. Adrienne Hall Phillips made a huge impact on me as a student. She was an unofficial advisor to me in a lot of ways and was there to support me not only academically but also professionally and culturally. Her heart is bottomless and without her I am not sure I would be where I currently am. I also met the most important person in my life while at WPI. I met my wife Daniela on the first day at WPI and could not have wished for a better person to spend my life with.

Q: What advice would you share with students today? With recent graduates?

A: Don’t let your current situations dictate your future. College comes with many unforeseen challenges. Use those as opportunities to learn, grow, and better yourself. See the good in every moment and make the most of the opportunities that are in front of you.

Q: What are the ways you’ve stayed connected to/involved with WPI and the people you met here? Why would you encourage others to stay connected?

A: Since moving to Los Angeles, I primarily stay connected to my WPI friends through social media, but when I am on the east coast, I make sure to meet up with them. For the institution, I serve on the WPI Business School Dean’s advisory council, Board of Trustees Subcommittee for Alumni Engagement, Alumni Association Board of Directors DEI committee, and a mentor for BUS1010-WPI Means Business. The opportunity to give back to the campus and build relationships with friends and their families (welcome to all the COVID-babies!) has been rewarding and fulfilling.