Announcement of 2022 WPI GRIE Winners

On April 5, more than 40 Master’s and PhD candidates shared their innovative and purposeful research with the WPI community during the 2022 Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE) Finals. The following students were awarded prizes (the number of prizes was determined based on the number of students presenting in each category):


Data Science, Cybersecurity, and Computer Science

  • 1st Place: Walter Gerych, Data Science
  • 1st Place: Shruti Mahajan, Computer Science
  • 2nd Place: Geri Dimas, Data Science
  • 2nd Place: Abhishek Shivdeo, Robotics Engineering
  • 3rd Place: Jidapa Thadajarassiri, Data Science
  • 3rd Place: Wen Ge, Computer Science

Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences

  • 1st Place: Fatou Diop, Chemical Engineering
  • 2nd Place: Sydney Packard, Chemical Engineering
  • 3rd Place: Patryck Michalik, Chemical Engineering

Life Sciences and Bioengineering

  • 1st Place: Shang Gao, Robotics Engineering
  • 2nd Place: Andre Figueroa Milla, Biomedical Engineering
  • 3rd Place: Caroline Muirhead, Biology & Biotechnology

Robotics, Cyberphysical Systems, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • 1st Place: Yichuan Tang, Robotics Engineering
  • 2nd Place: Xihan Ma, Robotics Engineering
  • 3rd Place: Tuna Tufan, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Fire-Protection Engineering

  • 1st Place: Meenakshi Kodali, Aerospace Engineering
  • 1st Place: Zahra Noori, Mechanical Engineering
  • 2nd Place: Luqing Zhu, Fire Protection Engineering
  • 3rd Place: Jihan El Ouragli, Civil Engineering

People’s Choice

  • Joshua Bloom, Robotics Engineering
  • Tuna Tufan, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Data Science GQP Team Presentations:

  • 1st Place: Isha Chidrawar, Matthew Finn, Farah Mohsin, and Saniya Syeda

Harlan Lab Pancreatic Islet Database Design and Data Mining

Sponsor: UMass Memorial Diabetes Center of Excellence

  • 2nd place: Madyson Kelly, Yufei Lin, Leah Mitchell, and Sitanshu Rupani

Using Big Data Analysis to Improve the Cadillac Mountain Vehicle Reservation System

Sponsor: Acadia National Park 

  • 3rd place: Marwan Alsaedi, Daniel Cher, Karthikeyan Deiveegarajan, Adam DiChiara, and Scott Tang

Modeling PFAS Risk Predictions and Source Attribution for Private Drinking Water Wells in MA: A Multi-Faceted Study Using Computational Analysis and Machine Learning

Sponsor: The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

People’s choice:

  • Palawat Busaranuvong

RNA Secondary Structures Prediction and Primer Design

Sponsor: InnoTech Precision Medicine, Inc.


Business and Social Science (awarded in Feb)

  • 1st Place: Vy Ngo, Learning Sciences & Technologies
  • 2nd Place: Luis Kleinknecht, Business Administration


Mathematical, Chemical, and Physical Sciences (awarded in Feb)

  • 1st Place: Elisa Negrini, Applied Mathematics
  • 2nd Place (tie): Teagan Bate, Physics
  • 2nd Place (tie): Debanik Das, Physics



Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who helped organize and support the event including Rory Flinn, Deborah Baron, and 20+ judges including lead judges, Danielle Cote, Joe Sarkis, Zhi (Jane) Li, Zhu Mao, Aaron Deskins, Randy Paffenroth, Andrew Teixeiram, Craig Wills, Purvi Shah, Yihao Zheng, Diane Strong, Elke Rundensteiner, Christopher Larsen, Eric Young, Albert Simeoni, Lin Chen, Jagan Srinivasan, Catherine Whittington, Lyubov Titova, Suzanne Scarlata, and Alex Wyglinski


Thank you to all judges:

Allen Caswell

Joseph Beck

Wayne Moore

Reinhold Ludwig

George Dainis

Victor Champagne

Pavel Ozhogin

Venkat Kolluri

Aswin Gnanaskandan

Craig Wills

Lou Roberts

Alex Maag

Alexander Shoop

Mohamed Eltabakh

Kyle Tsaknopoulos

Jagannath Jayachandran

Gregory Noetscher

Ari Giaya

Chris Hango

Yi-Tang Kao

Oren Mangoubi

James Urban

Alexander Wyglinski

Allen Caswell

Pavel Ozhogin

Alexander Shoop