30th Heat Treating Society Conference


Dates: October 15th – October 17th 2019

Place: Detroit, Michigan

Members who attended:


Richard Sisson, Mei Yang

Graduate Students:

Haixuan Yu, Richard Smith     





"Alloy Effects on the Nitriding Process of H13 and AISI 4140 Steels"

Prof. Mei Yang and Prof. Richard D Sisson

"Carburization Heat Treatment of Selective Laser Melted 20MnCr5 Steel"

Prof. Mei Yang, Dr. Yangyang Fan, and Prof. Richard D Sisson

"Identification of the Important Parameters that Control Distortion during Quenching and Heat Treating of Steel"

Mr. Haixuan Yu and Prof. Richard D Sisson

"Methods for the Determination of Bainite, Martensite and Austenite Fractions in Austempered Steel"

Prof. Mei Yang, Mr. Hooman Sabarou, Mr. Zhida Chen, Dr. Yangyang Fan, Prof. Yu Zhong, and Prof. Richard D Sisson



Awards Received:

Professor Richard D. Sisson, Jr

Prof. Valentin S. Nemov Academic Research Award 

Heat Treat 2019 announced Richard D. Sisson as the recipient of a new competition-based award and recognition program for Post-Doctoral Researchers, Lecturers and Professors (Academic Researchers) seeking to encourage increased participation of Academic Institutions in  ASM Heat Treating Society (HTS). This award seeks to provide attractive offers and opportunities in the worldwide Materials and Thermal Processing communities. Richard D. Sisson received $2,500 that can be used to support research activity.