Biomedical Engineering

On behalf of the Biomedical Engineering Department we would like to congratulate all of the students who participated in Project Presentation Day today. Our external judges repeatedly told us that they were very impressed with the quality of all of the presentations as well as the students' work on their projects.

The faculty of the Biomedical Engineering Department wish to express their sincere thanks to the BME Department's students (Undergraduate and Graduate) as well as the many individuals who helped to make the day's events a huge success. We are particularly grateful to the BME Department staff, Lynda Hammett, Tina Stratis, Derya Dean, Elise Favreau, Lisa Wall, Prof. Ray Page, Prof. Zoe Reidinger, and Prof. Sakthi Ambady for the countless hours of work preparing for today.

We would also like to thank our panel of judges, Becca Holmberg, Randy Chinnock, Paul Fanning, David Spenciner, John Moore, Megan Holmes, Steve Tomas, Deborah (Mikki) Ciombor, Whitney Moore, Curtis Abel, Brian Schkopa for their time and efforts in making the day a success.

The winners of the Provost's MQP Award for Project Presentation Day in Biomedical Engineering are:


1st place

System for Continuous Postoperative Monitoring in Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer

Dennis Giaya, Rebecca Stolarczyk

Advisors: Yitzhak Mendelson, Raymond Dunn (UMMS), Samandar Dowlatshahi (UMMS)

Honorable Mention (tie)

Tissue Retractor for Distal Radius Fractures

Jacquelyne DiTroia, Caroline Mazzola, Andres Monterroso, Patricia Swierk

Advisors: Kristen Billiar, Samandar Dowlatshahi (UMMS), Raymond Dunn (UMMS)

Canine Abdominal Palpation Training Device

Anne Harris, Sean Murphy, Elizabeth Pellegrini, Alexandra Price

Advisors: Zoe Reidinger, Michael Stone (Tufts)

Congratulations to the winners and to all of our students for a fantastic afternoon full of presentations!