Canvas Gradebook is changing! Learn more about it at Canvas Day.

Canvas’ redesign of Gradebook is going live this Summer, are you ready? 

Your Technology for Teaching and Learning (TTL) team is here to help you prepare for the first major change to Canvas' functionality since we adopted Canvas in 2016.

Co-sponsored by the NERCOMP Canvas Community of Practice, our inaugural New Gradebook workshop is happening on May 7th.  Canvas Day, is a 1/2 day session where we invited all-around Canvas guru and Instructure employee Carrie Saarinen, to discuss the ins and outs of the new tool.  There will be time at the end for Q&A and opportunities to discuss best practices or network with your fellow Canvas colleagues. Register for the Canvas Day workshop.

Can't make it that day? Many other opportunities will be available throughout the year, both in-person and online, to learn how to use this new tool so you'll no doubt become an expert Canvas grader in time for A-Term. Check out our Canvas blog and workshops page to find out about upcoming workshops and additional self-service learning resources.

Don't be left in the dark! Come explore with us how  ‘New Gradebook’ can streamline your grading and communication with students in new and exciting ways. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact