George C. Gordon Library

Text on left states, "Black History Month," on the right are three closed fists raised up, circles and lines in yellow, green, and red surround the fists

Please join us in celebrating Black History Month during the month of February!  Black History Month is nationally recognized and serves as an opportunity to honor and celebrate the traditions, food, art, languages, culture, and stories of Black communities.

The Gordon Library is pleased to share this updated Black History Month library guide with the WPI community. The guide includes a selection of books, journals, podcasts, and videos that honor and highlight the diverse culture, heritage, and contributions of Black Americans throughout history:

Also, don't forget to stop by the library to check out our Black History Month book display! The shelves are located on the main floor to the left of the stairwell. On the week of February 13th, a special Valentine's Day, "Blind Date with a Book," display will feature gift-wrapped books and films focused on Black protagonists and written by Black authors. Check out our displays - then check out a book with your WPI ID card!


Photograph of two full book shelves featuring book covers for Black History Month