Christina Bailey-Hytholt ‘15: GOLD "10 Under 10" Awards



Congrats to Christina Bailey-Hytholt ‘15 for being awarded WPI GOLD’s "10 Under 10" award in the category of Career Achievements. 

She has excelled in her research in women’s health through biochemistry. Christina dedicated herself to this research starting in undergrad and has now obtained her PhD and continues this research at WPI as an assistant professor in the chemical engineering department. Congratulations on your achievements!

We caught up with Christina to learn more.

Why is giving back time to WPI and others important?

I have had many tremendous mentors throughout my academic journey that offered their time and guidance to me. I now find it so important to give this time to the students that I serve as a mentor for, because I know the impact that it could possibly make.

What advice would you give to current students and young alumni?

Seek out new opportunities and experiences that you are passionate about. I learned about graduate school by volunteering in a research lab as an undergraduate student. If you are interested in something, send in that application or nomination! You never know the impact that a new opportunity and experience could make.


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