Christopher Legacy, PhD Candidate Chemistry and Biochemistry, Sustainable Methods for Amide Synthesis

GRIE (Graduate Research Innovation Exchange)

Christopher Legacy is currently a third year PhD candidate under the advising of Marion Emmert, Assistant Professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department. Before entering the PhD program here at WPI, Chris received his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Clark University. His research for the past three years has been in the synthetic lab, focusing on sustainable methods for amide synthesis. Essentially, Chris is researching how to find new ways to make the same molecules laboratories have always used. The way small molecules are synthesized in the labs now is not environmentally conscious, and the players in the industry have demanded a sustainable alternative to current production. Because these formations are made and used in nearly every major industry (anywhere from pharmaceuticals to plastics manufacturing), this research is non-commercialized since it is used in such a wide variety of fields.

Using this research, Chris has made an impressive mark on WPI’s GRIE Competition. The GRIE (Graduate Research Innovation Exchange) is a campus-wide competition that showcases the outstanding research achievements of our students. The first round is in December, where hundreds of graduate students present their posters in the Odeum in a more informal setting. Then, sixty finalists are selected for the next round, which is in April. Chris explained that not only are the judges looking for a comprehensive and intelligible project, but also how well you can articulate your research to others in a professional, friendly way, and conduct yourself in front of a crowd. Chris Legacy has won the competition the past two years and is now a finalist in his third year. He will again present to the judges in April for a chance to be recognized with an award.

Join us in wishing the best of luck to Christopher Legacy and the other finalists competing in the GRIE!