Once again, the WPI Core Commencement Committee extends a sincere thank you to our campus community for your involvement in our commencement related activities. Quite simply, COVID-19 provided an ever-changing and challenging environment for us this year, and yet we all hung in there to celebrate our students’ achievements! 

Please allow us to revisit what you helped our campus achieve this past week:

  • 8 Commencement related ceremonies over 4 days
  • Incorporating campus volunteers into our testing protocol
  • The creation of dynamic audio and video productions into ceremonies
  • Actually getting our students in the correct order and timing so that they could enjoy THEIR Commencement Ceremony in-person, and better yet, have two guests in the audience!
  • The creation of a huge 3D Printed goat statue that served as the stage center piece by our colleagues in the Foisie Innovation Studios

What an excellent way to end a challenging year in a series of up-beat celebrations.  

YET, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge and thank those who worked so diligently on these programs:

  • Our faculty and staff who lined-up students each day and bid them success as they crossed Earle Bridge
  • The staff who worked in the bright sun and heat seating guests and graduates
  • Our outstanding name readers and diploma stage runners
  • The amazing staff who facilitated the Pre-check-in process for tickets and attestation forms
  • Our behind the scenes Marketing staff who quickly produced polished videos for the ceremonies
  • The ATC staff who provided the exquisite sound and video
  • Our Facilities staff who helped create such a beautiful campus environment
  • The Bookstore and Chartwells staff who directly supported us and our students
  • And lastly, our Campus Police colleagues who helped provide a safe and secure campus arena for us to celebrate

So, in too many words, our heartfelt appreciation for the whole campus community’s involvement in this culminating celebration. We simply cannot plan and facilitate these events without your assistance. Thank you!

The Core Commencement Committee