Enterprise Transformation: How we plan to communicate and listen

We want you to know what’s going on. We recognize how much you would like to know varies by individual, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to tune in effectively and easily. 

We will always start with the minimum that you need to know, and expand from there. We will share as much as we know, when we know it. The projects underway are still being refined as we work to rollout systems that will offer the greatest improvements in efficiency and ease-of-use as possible. This means that sometimes what we tell you may change over time. We will make mistakes, but we will correct them as soon as possible. We ask that you keep an open mind and appreciate your continued patience and good humor.  

We will post regular updates on the Enterprise Transformation website, and email these updates to etpcomm@wpi.edu. Join this mailing list by emailing workday@wpi.edu anytime. We have subscribed project members, Change Ambassadors, and anyone who comes to a training session (you can also unsubscribe at any time). 

Digests of these updates will be sent to divisions by senior leadership, and targeted updates will be sent to specific audiences such as Deans, new faculty, faculty, entering students, returning students, managers, staff, student workers, etc. 

Training sessions, Change Ambassador meetings, and department visits will give us a chance to hear what you’re experiencing and take your questions back to help us refine training and future communications, as well as our Workday FAQs and project pages. Email us anytime at workday@wpi.edu. This is a community project that includes everyone -- we will all use these new tools and processes – and is strengthened by your participation. Thank you!


See wpi.edu/+transformation for FAQs, the training calendar, and documentation on Enterprise Transformation projects, including Workday. 

Join the etpcomm@wpi.edu mailing list to receive brief updates, including training opportunities and tips for using Workday. 

Contact us at workday@wpi.edu with your questions, comments, and concerns; we would love to hear from you. We would also be happy to visit your department, just drop us a line.