Family & Friends Week


Sports & Recreation

Good morning,

This is the time when all WPI employees may bring their immediate family (spouse/partner and children) or up to two friends with them to use the Sports & Recreation Center each day at no charge.  WPI employees will need to accompany their family and friends at all times when using the Sports & Recreation Center as guests.   Family & Friends time ends on Sunday, October 21st . The following activities are available:

  • All fitness equipment (must be over the age of 18)
  • Gymnasium Courts
  • Pool
  • Racquetball & Squash Courts
  • Harrington Auditorium
  • Indoor Track
  • Dance Studios

Each family member and friend over 18 years of age will need to fill out a Liability Waiver (if under 18 years of age will require the WPI employee to complete) at the front desk when they arrive and prior to any activities.