Terri Camesano, dean of Graduate Studies at WPI, was featured recently in an article and Q&A in Futurum, an online news outlet geared to individuals ages 11-19 who are evaluating science careers.

The article, titled “The need for antimicrobial peptides in a world of antibiotic resistance,” focuses on her ongoing research into the use of antimicrobial peptides to prevent catheter-related infections.

In the story, Camesano details the potential for antimicrobial peptides for new treatments and therapies. She also describes the advantages of peptides over other antimicrobials, how they work, and related technologies.

Additionally, she describes possible career routes for young people pursuing chemical engineering degrees. “Graduates can go into many different fields, ranging from energy and environment to biotech, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, materials, and more,” she says in the article.

There is also a related Q&A in which Camesano answers three questions about her study habits as a student, her career path, and her greatest achievement to date.