Graduate Students Who Advanced to GRIE Finals Honored

The Office of Graduate Studies recognizes the fifty two students listed below who advanced to the Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE) Finals after the February Poster Competition. On February 12, more than 160 Master’s and PhD candidates shared their innovative and purposeful research with the WPI community as well as faculty, alumni, and industry judges. “While the finals could not take place this week, we honor those who received top scores during the first round of presentations” Terri Camesano, Dean of Graduate Studies said. “It’s a significant achievement and we’re proud to highlight these students.”


Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Teagan Bate, Physics

Yang Liu, Mathematical Sciences

Elisa Negrini, Mathematical Sciences

Guillermo Carlo Nunez Ponasso, Mathematical Sciences

Anusuya Pal, Physics


Data Science, Cybersecurity, and Computer Science

Marissa Bennett, Computer Science

Walter Gerych, Data Science

Julian Lanson, Computer Science

Yu Liu, Computer Science

Menghai Pan, Computer Science

Ethan Prihar, Data Science

Jidapa Thadajarassiri, Data Science

Monica Tlachac, Data Science

Thanh Tran, Data Science

Jean-Baptiste Truong, Computer Science

Ashvini Varatharaj, Computer Science

Matthew Weiss, Data Science


Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences

Cameron Armstrong, Chemical Engineering

Lily Gaudreau, Chemical Engineering

Heather LeClerc, Chemical Engineering

Patryck Michalik, Chemical Engineering

Mahya Shahabi, Materials Science & Engineering

Bryer Sousa, Materials Science & Engineering

Panawan Vanaphuti, Materials Science & Engineering

Ziqi Wei, Chemical Engineering


Business and Social Science

Avery Harrison, Learning Sciences & Technologies

Alicia Howell-Munson, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Stephen Frimpong-Manso, Information Technology

Haadi Mombini, Business Administration


Life Sciences and Bioengineering

Megan Mancuso, Biomedical Engineering

Gian Marco Paci, Biomedical Engineering

Melissa Wojnowski, Biomedical Engineering

Dayna Mercadante, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Elizabeth van Zyl, Biomedical Engineering

Diego Vargas Blanco, Biology & Biotechnology

Ying Zhou, Biology & Biotechnology


Robotics Engineering, Cyberphysical Systems, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ian Costanzo, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Alex Chiluisa, Robotics Engineering

Katie Gandomi, Robotics Engineering

Shang Gao, Robotics Engineering

Akshay Iyer, Robotics Engineering

Jakub Tomasz Kaminski, Robotics Engineering

Tsung-Chi Lin, Robotics Engineering

Karim Tarabein, Robotics Engineering

He Wang, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Fire-Protection Engineering

Li Chang, Fire Protection Engineering

Nicholas DiReda, Aerospace Engineering

Jihan El Ouaragli, Civil Engineering

Milad Farzad, Mechanical Engineering

Binod Giri, Mechanical Engineering

Zahra Noori, Mechanical Engineering

Mengqiao Yang, Mechanical Engineering