Graduating Next Month? What You Need to Know about Access to Research


George C. Gordon Library

Did you know that after you graduate from WPI, you’ll lose access to the hundreds of thousands of paid resources that the Gordon Library provides to the WPI community?

Information isn’t free, and published research--including many of the articles that you’ve used while at WPI--is often very expensive. On behalf of the Institute, the Gordon Library pays several million dollars a year for access to these resources for the WPI community. When you leave WPI, you lose access because of legally binding licenses for these resources with information vendors and publishers, which restrict access to only current members of the WPI community.

Find ways that you can find and access articles and other information resources after you leave WPI on our guide to finding articles after graduation. There, you'll find information about alumni access, other libraries you can visit, where you can find free articles online, and free tools to organize your research, such as citation managers.