i3 Competition Dean of Engineering Level Finalists

Congratulations to the WPI i3 Dean of Engineering Level Competition Finalists

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 the Dean of Engineering Office held its Dean Level i3 competition.  There were eleven extremely talented competitors who had each advanced from their specific program or department. Only six finalists could be chosen to advance to the University Level competition.  They are:

         Dalia Shendi, PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering

WRAP BioTech: Re-imagining Wound Care

Joel Kenneth Kearns, PhD Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering

Origin of Twinning during Czochralski Growth of

Heavily-doped, Dislocation-free Single Crystal Silicon

Lida Mehdizadegan Namin, PhD Candidate, Chemical Engineering

Developing Effective Catalysts for Ethanol Based Fuel Cell Cars

Meagan Carnes, PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Fibrin Microthreads for Treating Chronic Muscle Injuries

Payam Razavi, PhD Candidate, Manufacturing Engineering

High-speed Digital Holography: A Novel Full-field Quantitative Method for In-vivo Diagnosis of Middle Ear

Sina Askarinejad, PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Noninvasive Prediction of Bone Failure

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding Engineering finalists!

About i3

i3: Investing in Ideas with Impact is all about translating research into value and real-world impact. It encourages graduate students to consider how the ideas and innovations they are developing through research could become the foundation of new products, new commercially valuable processes, and even new companies.

The competition recognizes MS and PhD candidates who can think like entrepreneurs and communicate effectively about their research and its value. Competitors must be able to distill their vision into a three- minute pitch that they can make without the aid of visuals.

The competition begins at the department or program level, with winners advancing to elimination rounds organized by the deans of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and the School of Business. At the finale, a panel of distinguished entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business executives will evaluate the quality and perceived value of the finalists' ideas and the effectiveness and persuasiveness of their pitches.

i3 Final Presentations

April 11th

Rubin Campus Center 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm