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in partnership with Fire Protection Engineering 




🔥 Calling all students! 🔥 
Ready to ignite your ideas and compete for your share of $20K in cash prizes? 💰 

Calling all WPI students from all majors to submit an application and compete for a share of $20,000 in prize money.  Five teams will be selected to participate in the jam.

1st place:  $7,500                       2nd place:  $5,000                      3rd place:  $2,500

Top 5 applicant teams:  $1,000 each if the team participates in all jam sessions and final pitch


The Challenge:  Develop innovative solutions that address the most pressing GRAND CHALLENGES related to fire to make our world safer!  Below are examples of interdisciplinary areas that focus, but are not limited to, these topics

  1. Ariel Surveillance Mavericks:  Master drones, satellite imaging, and smart sensors for early fire detection
  2. EV Revolution:  Engineer the future of electric vehicles – think battery safety, vehicle design, crash innovations, and explosion defense
  3. Urban Planning Architects:  Design structures and communities that defy wildfire odds, turning urban planning into a force for resilience
  4. Building Blaze Busters:  Create fire-safe havens through innovative building designs, evacuation strategies, and groundbreaking materials 
  5. Virtual Reality Pioneers:  Dive into the future of firefighter coordination
  6. Cyber Sentinel Innovators:  Safeguard firefighting systems in uncharted territories with cyber-secure innovations

    For ideas, check out this great resource of white papers on GRAND CHALLENGE  related to fire.

    MQP, GQP, IQP, and ISP fire-related projects are welcome to apply.


Application Process

  • February 20:        Deadline for Intent to Compete APPLY HERE (1 minute to complete)
  • February 22:        6:30-8:00pm Attend Introductory NABC Value Proposition & AI Tutor Workshop Zoom Link
  • March 5:               Deadline to submit your NABC Value Proposition.  Email it to Janet Zafiris at  
  • March 8:             Top 5 teams announced


Jam Sessions (all virtual sessions are from 6:30-8:00 pm)

  • Thursday, March 14:        1.5 hours forum (session will be recorded)
  • Thursday, March 21:        1.5 hours forum
  • Thursday, March 28:        1.5 hours forum


Final Pitches and Celebration (in-person)

  • Thursday, April 4:   Final Presentations & Award Ceremony (presentations will be recorded)


Igniting Innovation is made possible through the generosity of Marjorie and Duane Pearsall and the Duane D. Pearsall Endowment


Do you have any questions about the application or challenge? 

Please contact Curtis Abel at or Janet Zafiris at