Tanzanian citizens are positively impacted by WPI’s Tikerbox program through the work of graduate alumnus Raymond Magambo ’21. The information technology major received grant support from WPI’s Tinkerbox program to develop Tiketi Rafiki, a mobile device application and web-based platform which allows intercity bus travelers in Tanzania to book and purchase bus tickets directly, using their mobile phones. Today, the Tiketi Rafiki application is transforming bus transportation in Magambo’s home country of Tanzania as well as opening doors to other digital business development and growth opportunities. 

I was born in Tanzania and my plan was to come to the United States to learn more about business and technology. WPI offered me an incredible experience, and today, the theme of theory and practice from WPI is making an impact in Tanzania through my business. 

Raymond Magambo '21


Raymond Magambo '21

Raymond Magambo '21

Tinkerbox provides seed funding for WPI student-initiated innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) ideas. The main driver for the program is a deep desire to build an I&E community by fostering partnerships with students who wish to work on their ideas and projects. Beyond offering access to mentors and workshops aimed at developing and honing entrepreneurial mindset skills, Tinkerbox awards grant categories of up to $500, $1,000 or $5,000.

“It would've been difficult for me to start this business without the help of WPI and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. I was initially awarded $2,000 in seed funding which I used to build a platform for the Tiketi Rafiki application. I then received an innovation and entrepreneurship fellowship which allowed me to invest further in the business.” says Magambo. 

Offering himself as a perfect example of the WPI experience, Magambo explained how he used the theory he learned in class and the practice he gained through hands-on experience to change lives for the better in Tanzania. 

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