Sports & Recreation

We hope you all have had a great A-Term so far and are finishing strong here at the end. 

We wanted to touch base with you regarding a change to the handicap/elevator mezzanine entrance of the Sports & Recreation Center.  There have been some recent issues and situations within and around our rec center that in consultation with Campus Police, we needed to improve our monitoring of this access point as the safety and security of our community is of upmost importance.  As a result, the handicap elevator mezzanine entrance of the Sports & Recreation Center will be locked and secured during all hours of operation effective Monday, October 15th. The WPI Community will be able to access this entrance using their WPI ID Card (swipe at the key card monitor) with visitors needing to use the intercom for elevator and building access.  This process is very similar to the quad entrance so we hope with this advance notice, everyone will come prepared with their WPI ID in hand prior to entering the building.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon,

Sports & Recreation Center Staff