Joel Brattin Contributions


WPI Today

Professor Joel J. Brattin presented a paper on "Dickens's Proofs for A Tale of Two Cities" at the 22nd Annual Dickens Society Symposium in Boston: "Interdisciplinary Dickens."  He also chaired a session, "Dickens in/on America," at the same symposium.  Brattin organized and hosted the inaugural International Dickens Symposium at WPI in 1996.

Professor Brattin contributed reviews of two recent Jimi Hendrix CDs, Machine Gun by the Band of Gypsys and Live at George's Club 20 by Curtis Knight featuring Jimi Hendrix, to UniVibes 71 (May 2017), pp. 3-7 and 8-10, respectively.  He also reviewed the book Photographing Jimi Hendrix, by Leonard J. Eisenberg, in the same issue, pp. 10-11.

Professor Brattin reviewed Andy Aledort's book, Play Like Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Guitar Lesson in Jimpress 109 (Spring 2017), pp. 78-80.