In our continuing efforts to foster a safe and inclusive campus environment, the Equal Opportunity & Outreach Office is excited to announce the formation of a Sexual Assault Awareness Committee. This committee will work in harmony with the efforts already underway by the EOO Office, and will play a role in shaping programming, prevention and awareness initiatives related to sexual misconduct on our campus. 

We are currently seeking passionate volunteers to join the Sexual Assault Awareness Committee. As a committee member, you will have the opportunity to contribute to programming initiatives focused on increasing awareness of available resources and support systems, and educational programming for students, staff, and faculty about sexual misconduct, consent, bystander intervention, and healthy relationships. 

Recognizing your busy schedules, we want to assure you that participating in this committee won't demand a significant amount of your time. The committee will convene once a month to discuss ideas, plan initiatives, and assess the impact of our efforts. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Sexual Assault Awareness Committee, please fill out this form by September 20, 2023. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, as we believe that your unique insights and passion will be essential in shaping a culture of respect and responsibility at WPI.

Join us in making a difference and ensuring that our campus is a safe space for everyone. Together, we can create lasting change and contribute to a more inclusive community.