Marisol Sanchez ’21: GOLD "10 Under 10" Awards



Congrats to Marisol (Mari) Sanchez ’21 for being awarded WPI GOLD’s "10 Under 10" award in the category of Community Outreach and Inclusion.

Mari has been working with the VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at her company SharkNinja to start a support group where engineers can freely discuss social issues at the office and how to address them best. Mari also helps to facilitate an engineering workshop for a high school summer program! Congratulations on your achievements! 

We caught up with Mari to learn more.

Why is giving back time to WPI and others important?
Investing your time in others creates such an important positive ripple effect. This is especially true if you're giving back in a way that you are passionate about. One thing I learned from working at SharkNinja: Passion moves people. Having that passion to do good and give back can spark so many positive things in others. Nowadays, this is what the world needs.

What advice would you give to current students and young alumni?
This phrase gets thrown around a lot, but find what makes you happy and all else will follow. What I didn't know when I heard this phrase was that your happiness doesn't always need to align with school, career, family values, etc. Once you find your thing, great things happen.

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