Megan O’Brien and Dalia Shendi Tie for First Place Biomedical Engineering Poster at the Graduate Research Innovation Exchange


Biomedical Engineering

Megan O’Brien and Dalia Shendi, both PhD students in the BME department received first place at the Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE) for PhD level biomedical engineering poster. Around 200 graduate students participated in the GRIE, all showcasing their research to peers and the public.

Megan O’Brien, advised by George Pins, presented her work "Design of a Fibrin-Based Myocardial Layer for Use in a Modular Cardiac Patch." Heart attacks result in collagenous, non-contractile scar formation and can ultimately lead to heart disease; the current leading cause of death. Her research seeks to create a biomimetic composite scaffold with mechanical and functional properties similar to native myocardium that promotes regeneration of heart tissue.

Dalia Shendi, advised by Angana Jain, presented her work "Immunoprivilged Microsphere Gels for Neural Stem Cell Transplantation after Spinal Cord Injury". The objective of her project was to encapsulate clinically relevant cells, specifically neural stem cells, in bioactive hyaluronic acid microsphere gels utilizing a microfluidic approach. The microsphere gels would provide an enhanced mechanism for NSC delivery and survival due to increased surface area and enhanced nutrient and gas exchange when compared to a bulk hydrogel .

Congratulations to our excellent graduate students!