New Guide on AI & GPT: Your Feedback Invited


George C. Gordon Library

AI, Large Language Models, GPT4, Bard: Everyone is learning about this rapidly evolving phenomenon. One of the best ways to learn is to interact with it, think and talk about it with others, and share your experience. 

The Gordon Library has released a new online guide to help anyone who wants to learn about AI and GPT:


Home page for new library guide on AI and GPT

It brings together a selection of introductory resources to help students, faculty, and all of us learn more about how and when to use AI and GPT – critically, and responsibly.

Under the heading “Learn More,” you’ll find information about some of the exciting activities and conversations taking place among WPI faculty about AI and GPT.

We welcome your ideas and questions – help us make this this resource more useful to you and your students!