A New Kind of Satellite on the Horizon

Researchers are aiming to build new satellite communications protocols for high-speed data delivery, which has implications for a range of applications dealing with national defense and telecommunications, as well as commercial applications such as TV and satellite radio.

Alexander Wyglinski, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, received a grant: “A High-Speed Variable Rate Phase Shift Keying (PSK) Satellite Modem” from ORB Analytics, Inc. The funding, $23,738 over just three months, will support Wyglinski as he develops a high-speed variable rate phase shift keying satellite modem suitable for implementation on an FPGA. The modem is expected to operate across a wide range of challenged environments, including those possessing significant amounts of phase noise, frequency offset, sample clock offset, and additive white Gaussian noise.

The award leverages the satellite communications expertise of the Wireless Innovation Laboratory, an internationally recognized facility conducting fundamental and applied research in the areas of wireless communications, software-defined radio, vehicular communications, cognitive radio, satellite transmission, and vehicular technology.