New Locations for Books at Gordon Library


George C. Gordon Library

"Where did the books go?"

Faculty, students, and other library users looking for books (call numbers A-N), DVDs, and music scores that were on the third floor last spring, can find them all now on the ground floor. 

The move of nearly 60,000 books from the third floor to the ground floor is a temporary but long-term move completed this summer. On the third floor, it has made possible expanded student workspaces with ample natural light, access to power, and a variety of quiet study options.  Over the next few weeks, finishing touches and last-minute deliveries will be coming, and when complete users will find spacious new modern study seating throughout the third floor.

In the coming year, as the library works in consultation with faculty to refresh and update print book collections, we plan to reestablish a (smaller) book collection on the third floor.  Over the next several years we'll refresh and renew book collections and study spaces on the first floor as well.

If you're looking for materials that have moved, we would be glad to help - just ask us. You can also find updated floor plans here

Here is a short list of notable book locations including both new and unchanged locations this fall:

  • Popular reading and games (including Manga, Graphic Novels, and digital games) - Second Floor (Entrance Level), popular reading area
  • Morgan Center collection - Third Floor (Upper Level) outside Gordon Conference Room
  • Faculty authors and featured collections - Third Floor, study area across from Unity Hall (fall featured collection will be on Latin America & the Caribbean)
  • DVDs, CDs, and music scores - Ground Floor shelving
  • Books, call numbers A-N (including oversize books) - Ground Floor shelving
  • Periodicals, back issues - Ground Floor compact shelving
  • Technical reports - Ground Floor compact shelving
  • Books, call numbers P-Z (including oversize books) - First Floor (Lower Level) shelving