New Publication - "Book of Worlds: An Artistic Representation of Mental Illness" by Natalie Milgram (WPI student)


George C. Gordon Library

"Book of Worlds" by Natalie Milgram, developed as part of a 2020/2021 MQP, is a compilation of concept art illustrating imaginary worlds inspired by mental illnesses. Each chapter contains art which conveys an imagined world inspired from symptoms of a specific mental illness. The author, a WPI visual arts student, developed worlds inspired by eating disorders, bipolar spectrum disorders, and trauma-related disorders.  This book contains both traditional and digital art. Sketches, paint studies, and final compositions illustrate key world locations and inhabitants. Chapters also include text which describes key inspirations, world backstories, locations, and inhabitants.

A free digital version of Book of Worlds is available for viewing here:

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You can also preview the Book of Worlds on Blurb:

The art (final painting images only) can be viewed on Natalie's fine art site at:

The author will be discussing her work at the IMGD ShowFest on Friday May 7, 2020 (5 - 8 pm). For more information, see