Financial Aid

We are pleased to announce that the Office of Student Aid & Financial Literacy has been changed to the Office of Financial Aid to better reflect the Office’s purpose of helping students apply for and receive student loans, grants, scholarships, and other types of financial aid. While an extremely impactful and important part of the department is our financial literacy program, “Student Aid & Financial Literacy” is sometimes misunderstood and causes confusion to students and families. By changing to the Office of Financial Aid, we hope to make the office more easily accessible to the WPI community, students, and families.  

Most college students rely on financial aid and use some form of financial aid to pay for college. The Office of Financial Aid is a great resource for students figuring out how to pay for college, but many students have no idea where the financial aid office is located on campus or what it does — and that can mean missing out on scholarship opportunities and financial aid counseling. 

In addition to managing financial aid offers, the office provides information on scholarships and helps students deal with any problems related to their financial aid paperwork or distribution. Financial aid team members can also recommend strategies to help make college more affordable. 

The Office of Financial Aid is located in the Bartlett Center, near the WPI Quadrangle. You may reach out to the office by email,, or telephone, 508-831-5469, to speak to a team member Monday through Friday. Walk-in appointments are also available between 9am-4pm. Learn more at our website

Though Financial Literacy is no longer a part of our office name, our department will continue to host Financial Literacy events throughout the academic year. Stay tuned for our fall events!