OneDrive is your cloud storage solution for Canvas!

You can now log in to your Office 365 account and share your OneDrive files in Canvas.  

This fall, WPI IT launched Microsoft's Office 365.  The cloud storage component of Office 365 is called OneDrive, which allows you to store and access documents from anywhere, just by logging into the new WPI Portal with your WPI credentials.

Lucky for us, Canvas has a OneDrive integration, so you'll be able to utilize documents stored in OneDrive in your Canvas course site, without affecting your course size quota.  We'll be enabling OneDrive in your Canvas course sites on Monday, September 10th, 2018!

There are many other benefits to using OneDrive within Canvas, such as the ability to embed assignments into Canvas, create OneDrive collaborations in Canvas, and finally-- changes you make to documents embedded in Canvas will automatically be reflected in your course site (no need to re-upload).  Students will also be able to utilize their OneDrive storage in Canvas by submitting assignments and creating collaborations.

Workshops & Support

The Academic Technology Center will offer workshops and open office hours over the next few weeks to help you get comfortable with using OneDrive in Canvas. Check out our calendar for the list of dates.  Not able to make any of our workshops? Email to schedule a one-on-one training-- we're happy to find time that is convenient for you.

The Teaching with Technology blog has documentation that can help you get you started, as does the new WPI Portal.

Get Started

Log in to Canvas on Monday, September 10th and look for OneDrive in your course navigation to get started!