Biomedical Engineering

The Alfred R. and Janet H. Potvin Awards recognize outstanding BME undergraduate and graduate students. This year the faculty and staff of the BME Department are thrilled to recognize the following recipients: Jessica Netto '22, Brooklynn Paris '22, Nicole Racca '22, and graduate students Brian Ruliffson and Bryanna Samolyk.

Alfred R. and Janet H. Potvin Awards in Biomedical Engineering are given annually to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in biomedical engineering, in recognition of their academic performance and their service to WPI and/or the outside community.

Alfred Potvin was an EE undergraduate student at WPI in 1960-64, and has enjoyed a varied professional career in BME in both academia and industry. He founded the BME program at The University of Texas at Arlington as a joint program with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and served as its first Chairman. Today, it has over 175 graduate students. He also founded and served as Director of the Medical Instrument Systems Division at Eli Lilly and Company in Indianapolis, and concluded his career as Dean of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University and Purdue University at Indianapolis where he developed the foundation for its BME Department with the IU Medical Center and Purdue University in West Lafayette. He also served as a member and as a Chairman of the advisory committee for the BME Department at WPI during Dr. Bob Peura’s tenure as Department Chairman.