Undergraduate Studies

Each year, WPI recognizes first-year students for excellence in their academic work with the designation Charles O. Thompson Scholars.  These students are eligible to compete for a scholarship by submitting an essay that completes the picture of their contributions to the WPI community. We received 72 wonderful essays this year from 339 eligible students.


We are pleased to announce that Hannah Schulz has been designated as the Outstanding Member of the Class of 2021.  Hannah is majoring in Civil Engineering and has participated in varsity track and cross country each term this year.  She also has contributed to the concrete canoe project for ASCE, and as a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma has headed a tutoring program for students at Elm Park Elementary School, and as an executive of the Food Recovery Network has helped feed and support families at Friendly House.  And of course, Hannah has an outstanding academic record.


The review committee is also pleased to recognize three more first-year students: Ankur Gupta, Jameel Gammal, and Amanda Lowther with an Honorable Mention. All have excelled in coursework and made significant contributions to WPI and the broader community.


Please join in congratulating these students as well as all of the Charles O. Thompson scholars in the class of 2021.