Outstanding Members of the Class of 2022 Announced


Undergraduate Studies

Charles O. Thompson Scholars

Class of 2022

Each year, WPI recognizes first-year students for excellence in their academic work with the designation Charles O. Thompson Scholars.  These students are eligible to compete for a scholarship by submitting an essay that completes the picture of their contributions to the WPI community. We received over 70 wonderful essays this year from 420 eligible students.

We are pleased to announce that Alex Puhalski and Juliette Spitaels have been designated as the Outstanding Members of the Class of 2022.  Alex’s many and varied involvements including cheese club, jazz improv, ultimate frisbee, and Society of Physics students, give proof to his stated desire to ‘make the most out of every second’.  Juliet’s willingness to take advantage of WPI’s various course offerings, commitments to the running club and SWEET training, and desire to provide excellent math education and female role models have made her an asset to the campus community. While maintaining and outstanding academic record, both have engaged significantly in opportunities at WPI and contributed to the WPI community.

The review committee is also pleased to recognize three more first-year students: Ally Salvino, Marissa Langille, and Shannon O’Connor with an Honorable Mention. All have excelled in coursework and made significant contributions to WPI and the broader community.

Please join in congratulating these students as well as all of the Charles O. Thompson scholars in the class of 2022.