Student Activities

The Spirit of the Giving Tree

has returned!


This event is a wonderful opportunity for the WPI community to make the holidays a little brighter for the children of Worcester.

This year’s Spirit of the Giving Tree will benefit children from the Friendly House.


This year, the Giving Tree is entirely virtual.

To adopt a child, please visit:

and then browse the profiles. 

Profiles are complete with some basic information about the child and requests and preference they may have.


Once you have chosen which child you would like to adopt this holiday season, you can then create an account to complete the process.

Child profiles will be available today through December 8th at 11:59pm.


Gifts should be mailed to Friendly House directly using the address below 

no later than December 9th to ensure they arrive in time.


Friendly House

Attn: Danielle Delgado c/o Child’s Name

36 Wall Street

Worcester MA 01604


All faculty, staff and students are invited, to “adopt” a child this holiday season.

You can sponsor a child as an individual, organization, department, group, floor or chapter. 


Every person can make a difference.


Thank you to all members of the WPI community for your tremendous support!


Please contact Mackenzie Lipman, Assistant Director of Student Activities x5961 with any questions.


A reminder for staff with students looking for Community Service Work Study Hours:

Adopting a child for the Giving Tree does not count for community service hours.



Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I choose which child to adopt?

Everyone has a different process. Some people look for a specific child age range and others look through the profiles to get to know the child they’re adopting regardless of age. It’s completely up to you!

Can I adopt with a group of friend or an office?  How do I note that?

When you sign up, appoint a person to be your primary contact.  If you are not planning to be in the office, please list a phone number where we can reach you if there are any questions.

Can I adopt more than one child?

Yes! You are welcome to do so.

Do gifts need to be giftwrapped when I send them?

We recognize that additional wrapping through a website may add an unexpected financial cost to your purchase. Gift wrapping is welcome, but not required.

What happens if what I’m gifting can’t be mailed?

We are encouraging folks to explore gifts that can be mailed.  This reduces COVID-19 transmission risk for you and Friendly House Staff. We want to minimize contact between our two bubbles.  If you are still stuck, please contact the Student Activities Office directly for guidance.

Do I need to purchase everything on the child’s wish list?

No. This list is a guide to help you get to know the child you’re adopting.  You can pick one item or a few items.  You can also select items that are not specifically on their list.  The questions about their personality, interests and hobbies should also guide you.