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Left to right: WPI GRIE Winners Fatou Diop, Patryck Michalik, and  Sydney Packard

Three WPI Chemical Engineering Ph.D. students receive awards in the 2022 Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE) Finals!

Congratulations to Fatou Diop, Sydney Packard, and Patryck Michalik who all gave excellent presentations!

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Category Winners:

1st Place: Fatou Diop, Continuous Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Salicylic Acid with Integrated Membrane Separation

2nd Place: Sydney Packard: Uncovering how bacterial infections spread by characterizing cells dispersed in biofilms

3rd Place: Patryck Michalik: Elucidating how biofilms self-regulate their properties by characterizing local pH and mechanics