George C. Gordon Library

The Office of Sustainability and Gordon Library are pleased to announce the top projects in the various categories for the 13th Annual Sustainability Project Competition. 

The top projects are as follows: 

First Year Category:

Project #1. Small Scale Carbon Capture Implementation and Utilization at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, by Gabriel Espinosa; Alexander Wadsworth; Jack Hanlon; Advisors: Marja Bakermans, Geoffrey Pfeiffer, and Sarah Strauss


Undergraduate Category:

Project #16. Preparing for the Rise: A Study of Boston’s Sea Level & Designs for Coastal Resiliency, by Emilia Perez; Chase Gaudino; Lauren Kaija; Hannah Schulz; Trisha Worthington; Advisors: Suzanne LePage and Leonard Albano


Graduate Category (tie):

Project #21. Experimental Study of Drying of Paper with Ultrasound Mechanism, by Zahra Noori; Advisors: Jamal Yagoobi and Burt Tilley

Project #25. Reducing Carbon Footprint of Energy-Intensive Industrial Drying by Smart Dryers, by Munevver Elif Asar Sarikaya; Advisor: Jamal Yagoobi


This competition was the 13th competition held to showcase students project-work and research in the one or more aspects of sustainability – the environment, social justice, or economy.   The competition was judged by 19 members of the WPI and regional experts. There were 27 submissions, and each demonstrated enthusiasm and valuable contributions to sustainability in this challenging time.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all of the participants for the excellent contributions!  

Please consider visiting the 13th Annual Sustainability Project website and browse the entire slate of projects here: