TouchTomorrow Updates and More


K-12 Activities

Plans are well underway for the 8th annual TouchTomorrow festival, which will be held on Saturday, June 8. There will be some exciting new features—including the addition of BattleCry—and our list of internal and external sponsors is growing daily. It’s sure to be another great day inspiring the next generation of STEM students, problem-solvers, and leaders!

Here are just a few examples of ways you can help support TouchTomorrow:

Nominate Us for Best Festival

A big thank you to those who nominated and then voted for TouchTomorrow as Best Festival in Worcester Magazine’s Best of Worcester 2018 poll. You got us on the ballot; this year, let’s go for a win! Visit their website, scroll down to the “City Life” category, find “Festival,” and enter “TouchTomorrow at WPI” before February 28.

Exhibit with Us

One of the most popular features of TouchTomorrow are the exhibits showcasing the amazing work of WPI faculty and students. Are you willing to host an exhibit (a lab open house or tour, a hands-on science or technology activity, an informational session about your research) or do you know students who might like to show off their IQPs or MQPs? Email us—we’d love to hear from you!


It takes a small army of volunteers to ensure the smooth execution of TouchTomorrow; please consider joining us as one of them. It’s a fun, action-packed day where we get to show off all the amazing things happening at WPI, and volunteers who know campus well is essential. Visit the website to register—T-shirt and lunch are included! Please email us with any questions.


Nicole Anterni
Director of Sponsorship and Events
Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs

A Campus-Wide Effort

Many thanks to those already involved in making this day what it is. We have a fabulous committee working hard to coordinate events, volunteers, speakers, and more; our faculty and students have given of their time and talents to share exciting exhibits and demonstrations; wonderful and dedicated volunteers from across the campus community; and so many staff members who have discussed TouchTomorrow with us. This is truly a campus-wide effort and we’re grateful to each of you for the part you play.