Admissions & Aid

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will be hosting information sessions and campus tours for students accepted into the Class of 2026 to help give them a sense of what our campus community is all about. These events on Saturday, March 26th, Sunday, April 3rd , Wednesday, April 13th, and Sunday, April 24th will impact campus parking: Park Avenue Garage and Higgins House Lot will be closed to employees and students until 10:30 am on these days.

The following parking lots will still be available:

  • Schussler Lot - (residential students)
  • Institute Lot - (residential students)
  • Boynton St. Lot North - (student commuters & visitors)
  • Boynton St. Lot South- (employees)
  • Hackfeld Lot - (employees, residential & student commuters)
  • Einhorn Lot - (residential students)
  • Dean St. Lot - (residential students)
  • 22 Dean St. Lot (residential students)
  • West St. Lot - (employees, student commuters & visitors)
  • Lancaster Lot - (residential students, employees & student commuters)
  • After 10:30AM: Park Ave Garage (employees, student commuters & visitors) 
  • After 10:30AM: Higgins House Lot – (employees, student commuters & visitors)