Women’s Impact Network Announces 2019 Grant Recipients


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The Women’s Impact Network (WIN) is pleased to announce its third year of grant awardees. In 2019 WIN will award over $285,000, funding 21 of 32 grant proposals. The applicants represented faculty, staff, students, and alumnae, submitting proposals ranging from student and faculty support, to research, diversity and inclusion, conferences, leadership, and innovation and entrepreneurship. WIN invites you to celebrate the awardees at a special WPI community event:

The grant recipients will be awarded at 12:30 p.m. in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center of the Foisie Innovation Studio on Saturday, April 6, as part of the “Celebrating 50 Years of WPI Women Advocating for our Future” event. This portion of the event will also include a panel discussion featuring WPI staff and alumnae, focused on the Art of Advocacy.    

2019 winning proposals:

  • Goat Tank Reimagined: Expanding Women Engagement in I&E and WPI Humanitarian Projects
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Curtis Abel, Professor of Practice, Interdisciplinary & Global Studies
    CO-AUTHORS: Shams Bhada, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary & Global Studies
    Leslie Dodson, Co-Director, Global Lab, Interdisciplinary & Global Studies
    Kimberly LeChasseur, Research and Evaluation Associate, Center for Project-Based Learning
    Paula Quinn, Co-Director, Center for Project-Based Learning
    Donna Levin, Executive Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Placement Optimization in Refugee Resettlement
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Narges Ahani, PhD Student, Data Science
  • Sonia Kovalevsky Day: Math Outreach Initiative for Female Middle-School Students
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Andrea Arnold, Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences
  • PBL To Go: Bringing STEM Experiential Learning to a Classroom Near You
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Kris Boudreau, Professor and Department Head, Humanities & Arts
    CO-AUTHORS: David DiBiasio, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Sarah Wodin-Schwartz, Assistant Teaching Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Elizabeth Stewart, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Leslie Dodson, Co-Director, Global Lab, Interdisciplinary & Global Studies
  • Making a Difference in the World with Women in STEM – A WPI conference for Worcester Public High School women teachers, students, and mothers/supporters
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Katherine Chen, Executive Director, STEM Education Center
    CO-AUTHORS: Nicole Anterni, Director of Sponsorships & Events, Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs
    Katie Elmes, Director of Equity, Access & Community, STEM Education Center
    Donna Taylor, Assistant Director of Professional Development, STEM Education Center
  • Women in the World: Showcasing IQPs that Impact the Lives of Women and Girls
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Leslie Dodson, Co-Director, Global Lab, Interdisciplinary & Global Studies
    CO-AUTHOR: Stephen McCauley, Co-Director, Global Lab, Interdisciplinary & Global Studies
  • WIN Women’s Young Investigator Fellowship: Providing WPI Students and Faculty with Mentorship and Research Conference Opportunities for Research 
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Avery Harrison, Full-time MS/PhD Research Assistant, Learning Sciences & Technologies 
    CO-AUTHORS: Erin Ottmar, Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences & Technologies, Social Science & Policy Studies
    Katie Sawrey, Post-doctoral Research Scientist, Learning Sciences & Technologies, Social Sciences 
    Taylyn Hulse, Full-time MS/PhD Graduate Research Assistant, Learning Sciences & Technologies
    Maiya Mitchell ‘20
  • Future Women in Pre-Health
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Caroline Johnson ‘19
    CO-AUTHORS: Adora Le '21
    Curtis Abel, Professor of Practice, Innovation & Entrepreneurship 
    Louis Roberts, Assistant Teaching Professor, Biology & Biotechnology 
  • Yoga meets Physics: Experiencing a Novel Dimension of Wellness
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Snehalata Kadam, Assistant Teaching Professor, Physics
    CO-AUTHOR: Diyala Bera
  • Leading Women and Gender Equity Speaker Series
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Brian Kelley, Head Men’s Soccer Coach, PE Instructor, Student Athlete Advisory Committee Advisory
    CO-AUTHORS: Cherise Galasso, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Associate Athletic Director, Senior Women’s Administrator
    Stephanie Riley-Schafer, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, PE Instructor
  • Tinkerbox
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Donna Levin, Executive Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Development Series
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Heidi Morton, Career Advisor, Career Development Center
    CO-AUTHORS: Faria Kader ‘20
    Riky Hanlan, Career Advisor, Career Development Center
  • Fostering Collaboration in Teaching, Research, and Entrepreneurship among Faculty, Students, and Alumnae
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Rodica Neamtu, Associate Teaching Professor, Computer Science
  • The Body Project
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Sabrina Rebecchi, Assistant Director, Student Development and Counseling Center
    CO-AUTHOR: Jessica Szivos, Assistant Director, Office of Accessibility Services
  • Supporting Women in Data Science via the Women in Data Science Symposium: Fostering Diversity, Community, Mentorship, Outreach, and Global Impact all in one!
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Elke A. Rundensteiner, Professor, Computer Science and Director, Data Science
    CO-AUTHORS: Ramona Ashan, Fullbright Fellow, Computer Science
    Allison Rozet, GAANN Fellowship, Data Science
    Erin Teeple, Data Science TA
    Fatemeh Emdad, Associate Teaching Professor, Data Science
  • Artist-in-Residence Series: Reflecting Underrepresented Voices in Media
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Ingrid Shockey, Associate Teaching Professor, Global Studies
    CO-AUTHOR: Stephen McCauley, Co-Director, Global Lab, Interdisciplinary & Global Studies
  • WRAMP: Women’s Research and Mentorship Program 3.0
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Suzanne Sontgerath, Director, Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs
    CO-AUTHORS: Katherine Chen, Executive Director, STEM Education Center
    Tiffiny Butler, Assistant Teaching Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • ODS Ambassador Mentoring Women with Disabilities in STEM
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Jessica Szivos, Assistant Director, Office of Accessibility Services
    CO-AUTHOR: Laura Rosen, Director, Office of Accessibility Services
  • We LEAD 
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Casey Wall, Director, the Housing & Residential Experience Center
  • Women of WPI Fall Conference
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Jami Walsh ‘97
    CO-AUTHOR: Alison LeFlore ‘09
  • Expanding the Early Research Experience in E (summer) Term to promote and support female participation
    PRIMARY AUTHOR: Catherine Whittington, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering 
    CO-AUTHOR: Debra Boucher, Director of Special Academic Programs