WPI Celebrates Haitian Heritage Month 2022


Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) celebrates Haitian Heritage Month 2022 by honoring and highlighting the diverse culture, heritage, and contributions of the Haitian community throughout history. Haitian Heritage Month was first celebrated in the United States in Boston, Massachusetts, and has since been celebrated for more than 20 years across the nation. We encourage our community to study, observe, and celebrate the Haitian community on campus and beyond.


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“Haitian Heritage Month is a nationally recognized month and an opportunity for individuals including Haitians and lovers of the Haitian culture to celebrate the rich culture, distinctive art, delicious food and learn the traditions of Haiti and its people. The celebration is an expansion of the Haitian Flag Day on May 18th, a major patriotic day celebration in Haiti and the Diaspora created to encourage patriotism.”


“The Haitian Community contributes greatly to the rich history, culture and diversity of the City of Boston; established and distinguished itself through the efforts of many community organizations, businesses, and community participation.” –Kim Janey, Former Mayor of Boston


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