WPI Humanities & Arts Dept. Home to Peer-reviewed Academic Journal Simone de Beauvoir Studies (SdBS)


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The WPI Humanities & Arts Department has recently become home to the peer-reviewed academic journal Simone de Beauvoir Studies (SdBS) (www.brill.com/sdbs)! Founded in 1983 and publishing its 30th volume in 2019, the journal is dedicated to advancing scholarship relevant to the writings, thinking, and legacy of Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986). Beauvoir was a key player in the development of French existentialism and phenomenology in the 1940s and she is widely regarded as having written one of the most influential books of the twentieth century, The Second Sex, which sparked and continues to spark women’s movements in the United States, France, and around the globe. Simone de Beauvoir Studies is a multidisciplinary and bilingual journal that aims to cultivate outstanding scholarship, promote international and cross-cultural exchange, and speak to the most pressing existential issues of our time. It is also the only academic journal published today focused on the work and thought of a woman philosopher. Simone de Beauvoir Studies is published by Brill on behalf of the International Simone de Beauvoir Society and is housed in the Humanities & Arts department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute under the direction of Professor Jennifer McWeeny.